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Hamathon Ticket 2011

Hamathon 2011 ticketWe found a place that we can ordered a delicious smoked ham, or as we’ve dubbed it, epic ham. It was so good, we decided to have a holiday bash and we dubbed it “Hamathon”. We thought it would be amusing to create realistic-looking tickets (a la TicketMaster) and send them as invitations. The $375 was not the actual cost, but rather part of the joke. If we put a lower price, we certainly didn’t want people to think that we were asking them to pay. If you received tickets as invitations with the price of $20, you might be inclined to pay for them, and that was not the idea.  The tickets were well received and those that read the back were pleasantly amused.

The Scene Card trilogy

A few friends were convinced to be a part of some absurd scenarios that were each 15 seconds in length.  Who knew that storyboards for something this short could be so epic.  Special thanks to Mikey for agreeing to wear underpants outside of his jeans to add to the absurdity of the character and the scenarios.

Everything was instrumental first and foremost since it was a bilingual contest, so we can hit both sides with as little voice acting as possible.  Also, the microphone on my video camera wasn’t the strongest ever. So we made due.

Try to enjoy.