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Yorkies Set 2011

Ahhh yes, the silliness of being a footy supporter.  This work comes from the gag ‘hey, wouldn’t it be neat if we did our own soccer card set but instead of it being serious, it has all of our ridiculous gags?’

From there, it took a life of its own.  No, we did not sell them, and those who offered to “donate” were allowed to, but not more than the actual cost of the 54 card set was to produce, which was around $11 if memory serves.  They were full colour, double sided, glossy card stock.  As a collector of sports cards as a child and Magic: The Gathering (*cough*geek*cough*) as an adult, I had an appreciation for their design and how nice they would look in a binder sheet, holding a 3×3 grid of them.

Most of the jokes were only appreciated if you actually followed Toronto FC, slightly less if you followed Major League Soccer in general, and slightly more if you read the blog.  20 sets were produced and most were given away to friends and fans of the blog.

Doneil HenryBeefcake for the ladies...There's only one DeRo... though are set had 3 different cards

Do It For Suarez

One of my hobbies is writing match reports for a Toronto FC blog The Yorkies where I try to be ‘amusing’ as it takes the perspective of what goes on in the supporters end of the match.  When we’re bored, we make up stuff and amuse ourselves.  Nick Soolsma, who recently was released by the club, once gave an interview where the interviewer actually asked if he had any pets, which he admitted to owning a cat named Suarez. From there, cat references were fast and furious.  On a lark, I made the suggestion in twitter one day that we should make a shirt with the phrase “Do It For Suarez”, the completely fabricated legend that Soolsma only plays for the sake of his cat.  Once the shirt was made, some people actually purchased them and showed me the pics.  I think we made a whopping $1.20 commission on those…