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Birthday Tshirts as gifts

Over the years, I’ve ended up making gift custom tshirts for friends.  In each case, it started out as a “hey wouldn’t this be funny if…” type of scenario, and then actually going through with it.

The first one, which is actually the first gift shirt I’ve ever done, was for my good friend Alex for a surprise 30th birthday party.  We were visiting Montreal and our job was to keep Alex distracted while the restaurant was being set up.  When we walked in and could finally remove our coats, my girlfriend (now wife) could reveal the T-shirts we made for the occasion.


Upon showing Alex’s fiancée the design of Alex’s head over the Pittsburgh Penguin’s head, she mentions that she’d like one too and that they could use them for their engagement photos.  Both of them having shirts with his face on it seems uneven so I made a shirt for her based on her beloved Montreal Canadiens.


Glad that she had initials that worked.

The last birthday Tshirt gift, or shall I say, the latest, was for our friend Melissa.  She’s rather the baker and we wanted something cute that would reflect her creativity, friendly and welcoming disposition and, most importantly, something she would wear.


Soft dessert-inspired pallet using the the black on a white shirt to make the letters pop yet still seem soft.  Also, the caricature turned out fantastic, and I’m terrible at these typically.  The birthday shirt thing has become “a thing” amongst friends.  No, I don’t do it every year, just when it’s special.  In fact, Mel was hoping for a shirt.