This has been a long time coming.  The webpage anyways.  As I build this thing to reflect my style, I also didn’t want this to be JUST a graphic design page, but an all-encompassing centre of my creative endeavors.  And they do vary.

I’ve worked on a political campaign, played the role of a wrestling manager, filmed shorts for contests, been published in a magazine, created original gifts, spent hours on making a party invitation in Flash, emceed a few weddings and a Terry Fox run (all with original jokes) as well as graphic design.

I currently work for a non-profit professional organization as a graphic designer, and my job satisfaction is high.  For years, working on web sites, there’s nothing tangible with those finished products, so branching into advertisements, books and other sundry feels great.

I’ve learned early on that you can chase perfection on a project, but you get to a point where you spend alarming amounts of time, trying to nail the last 2%, especially when the client is satisfied.  I work quickly and efficiently.  Every project is a learning experience and this site will be an online account of that learning.

I am available for freelance work as required in any capacity.

Thank you.  Please drive through.

Welcome to the online portfolio of design, mischief and fleeting moments of brilliance belonging to Mark Hinkley