Tax Planning Using Family Trusts & Building Value In Your Company

At work, from time to time, the opportunity comes along to create something with a unique identity all its own.  Many of the publications are annuals, and the design doesn’t afford much fluctuation year to year.  I have been fortunate to work on two publications that didn’t quite fit the mold.


Sometimes an idea comes that you hope the client likes, however, creatively, is very satisfying.  Taking a queue from the title of ‘building’, the idea of LEGO comes to mind, channeling childhood memories.  And, as fate would have it, the family moved out of the old house, and with it comes purging.  Out of the items salvaged would be a LEGO collection that is 20 years old.  Out come the bricks and a dollar sign was constructed.  And yes, that’s my hand.  The one that the author and I liked the most had a LEGO guy waving to me, however it was ultimately vetoed for the one without a LEGO guy.


Tax Planning Using Family Trusts afforded the opportunity to go in a different direction.  The client requested something bright happy colours and it must have been a very sunny day as this is what came about.  Using the universal icons of ‘man’ and ‘woman’ bathroom symbols (there’s probably a proper name for them), created a few kids, et voila, family!